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But, is it "ahhhhhhht"?


I know that I will potentially alienate a few people with what I am about to say.  I am extremely put off by the pretentiousness of the art world, and many people who call themselves "artists".

Recently (as of the time of this writing, November 2021) a Museum in Denmark has given an artist the equivalent of $84,000 USD to reproduce a piece of his "artwork" consisting of nothing but currency notes in a frame.   He delivered two blank canvasses titled "Take The Money And Run."  When the museum requested him to return the money, he said:

"This is only a piece of art if I don't return the money." 

Wikipedia entry

So, it is only "art" or "a piece of art" if it involves fraud or theft.  I really am at a loss for words to express how sad I find this sentiment.  Thus, while I find being told that I have "an artistic eye" to be very much of a compliment, I would prefer not to apply the title "artist" to myself, because in my mind it has become synonymous with pretentiousness, fraud, and theft. 



So, I won't call the images you find here by the term "fine art photographs."  There will be no "limited editions" seeking to artificially inflate the price by manipulated scarcity. 

I try to capture pleasing glimpses of the world, and freeze that moment in time so it can be enjoyed again and again, and if possible shared with others.  And I try to offer them to others, so they can share in the emotional experience a compelling image can create within us.  Along the way I might sprinkle in some of my personal viewpoints and philosophy - in hopes that some kindred soul might find them interesting.


We go through much of our lives experiencing a sort of tunnel vision.  Goal orientation forces us to keep our eyes up, pointed toward the horizon, and focused on where we are "going", or at least headed, and much of the time we miss out on where we are - the fundamental moment to moment experience of life. 

But being in that mode forces us to pass through our lives, seemingly on the way to somewhere else.  A sentiment heard so often from older people is that they can't believe their lives have passed so quickly.  Imagine if they had taken more time to look around, and appreciate and savor this wonderful gift called "life" and the incredible beauty all around us. 

So, of all the blessings and good wishes it is possible to give someone, I wish you vision.  Please take the time to see what is all around you.

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