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Making the most of indoor light



Light, light, light, light, light. 


Let there be light.

The most important factor with indoor plants is providing them enough of the right kind of light. How many plants your home can support, and how well they do, is completely dependent on the amount and quality of light you can provide them.


One way to maximize the use of your light is to place plants at various levels next to the window.  An overhead support can be built of 2x2s which can avoid having to drill holes in the ceiling.  All it takes is 2 pieces for the side supports which are 2 inches longer than the top of the window sill is high.  They are connected with another piece the width of the window sill, and two 1-foot sections can be used to space it  back from the window.  Small corner brackets are used to secure the standoffs to the top of the window sill, and the whole thing can be built with only 2 small holes in the top of the window trim, which is way above eye level.

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